Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Golly it's Gravy!!!


  • Stock. Chicken or beef depending on what meat your using for the main course.
  • If you have made a turkey? Use the juice from the turkey.
  • How much gravy do you want. That's how much stock you use to start. If your using left over juice from a main course, you may need to add beef or chicken stock to get to the amount of gravy you want.
  • Add your stock to a pot if your making a lot or you can add it to a skillet. I do that a lot. (remove the meat, and add stock to that)
  • Turn on high. It will start to boil. Then I add chicken or beef bullion.(I use granules instead of cubes. I find it easier to measure. One tsp at a time, stirring it in so it melts through, and tasting as I go until it is the flavor I like. Want more salty? add more.
  • Got the flavor you like?
  • Add to a separate bowl, 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup milk. Stir this together.
  • Most people add these right to the gravy. This is why its lumpy. Doing this simple step will alleviate the problem. Just stir it well until all of the flour is dissolved. It will be thick. Now that its mixed (you can scoop out any chunks at the top that didn't mix and toss out)
  • Grab a hand whisk..and gradually add your milk mixture a little at a time... keep stirring. You should notice that the gravy is thickening! You may need all of your mix maybe less. Depends on how much gravy you are making. You add this until you get the consistency you want for your gravy.
  • Once you get your consistency, lower the heat to med low. And re taste. You may need to adjust your bouillon a tiny bit. Add pepper to taste and serve!!

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