Monday, January 10, 2011

Fish Tacos

I know... some of you are cringing. Please 'reel' back your first impression of this word 'fish' and have an open mind. It really is something that at first I was thinking. "Nasty" and I am even a fish lover. But for some reason .. "fish taco's" just didnt chime with me. Then I tried it. Now... I crave these babies! They are healthy, easy to make in less than 15 minutes and FILLING!

This is my very own recipe. And its versatile. So you can mix it anyway you like it to your tastes.

Mahi Mahi Fish Fillets
Cajun Seasoning or Northwoods Seasoning
Shredded Cabbage
Salsa or Pico de gaio
LF (low fat) Shredded cheese (optional)
LF sour cream
1 pkg guacamole seasoning
Sm flour or corn tortilla shells (you can also use a slice of lettuce as a wrapper)

Mahi Mahi fish fillets. ( I buy the unbreaded fillets at Sams/Costco in individual frozen packages which are easy to use, thaw and are great. Fresh fish at the market is great too)
I used one fillet for one person. Will get 2 fish tacos out of it.
Thaw if frozen. Quick tip? Set frozen fish package in a bowl and run cool water over for a few minutes. It will thaw beautifully. Once thawed, cut against the grain into 1 1/2 inch slices. (about the width of your finger) and sprinkle liberally with your favorite seasonings (something with some kick) . I use Cajun seasoning or Northwoods Seasoning.
In a hot skillet, grill pan, or on outdoor grill, cook fish on both sides until done (since they are slices, they take no time at all. Usually 1-2 minutes each side if that)

Mix 1/4 cup sour cream with 1-2 tsp of guacamole seasoning

I put two slices of grilled fish, a small amount of seasoned sour cream, a hand full of cabbage, ground pepper to taste, a dab of shredded cheese (for looks really so my inner chubby doesn't feel cheated), and some salsa.
Wa La!!! They are so yummo!!!

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