Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheers! Here's to a yummy new year!

Ok, let's get started! It is a new year and with that brings new ideas, new dishes and some old traditions with a new twist.

You can tell it is January because of the healthy commercials, how to loose weight tips, and the new year resolutions to get fit. All of these are great ideas. And we all know that life is short and why not make the best of each day that we are blessed with.

I am not a nutritionist, diet specialist, or even a perfect example of how to eat and live healthy every minute of every day. I too over splurge on food. I am guilty of eating past 7:00 pm and ill admit..I love my carbs.

But really...think about it...who the heck likes to diet? Surely not me. Who wants to be healthy? Well all of us do! The best way to accomplish both of these is moderation. I adore my cupcakes. In fact I get a craving once in awhile for that sweet moist melt in your mouth cake. Cupcakes are the best because they are already portioned for you. You don't have to guess the size of the slice your cutting. I cant cut the cupcakes out totally. I have found that when i am craving a cupcake.. I might as well just eat one and get it over with. Because denying myself that cupcake just means that I will eat and snack out of control because i am trying to curb that cupcake craving. So what is worse? Eating the small cupcake and then being satisfided? Or eating the half bag of chips, cheese and crackers , and small container ofo yogurt AND then finally eating that cupcake? I say...pass the cake!!
That said....I said cake. Not pan..or cakes! Haha

I am not going to start out my year on a diet. I am simply just going to watch my portions. Eat slower. And a realize when i am full. Again, moderation. I did a little experiment. For one month I ate just like i said. And tried to pick health options when i was hungry but not craving anything specific. If a time came and i was dyin for a cookie? I ate it. A cupcake? I ate it. I just didn't give into that craving constantly. I can wait out a craving for over a day. If that baby was still there the next day? Then I must really want it. So guess what? I ate it.
After that month I went back to just eating like rebellious child. ( insert evil chuckle )
I felt sluggish, sick to my stomach half the time, and tired and wanted to nap alot.

So...rather than reading a stack of books about this diet, or that diet. Rather than shelling out money for meetings and other weight loss programs, I am going to spend that money on something else. Clothes, my kids, family nights, or maybe if the mood strikes me..that cupcake!

That is my new years resolution. Just simply to pay attention to what I am eating. for that dreaded excersise word. It isn't eazy. Its hard work. Its sweaty work. It's also necessary. I and found that I do better on my own. However, I need accountability. Accountability for me is simply a fun goal. Preferably one that i can't get out of. My goal of choice is racing. I schedule the year in advance, so it's like a little reminder on my shoulder each day saying "hey! Chubbs! Ya got a race coming up..your going to look mighty funny if you can't finish!". Trust one wants to embarrass themselves on purpose.
So....that said. Lots of new recipes are coming this year. I promise they will be easy, delicious, and your family will love them. As far as being healthy? Yes. I have a bunch of fun healthy recipes that are simply and delightful.

Are you ready for the new year?

On your marks, get set, GO!

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