Thursday, March 24, 2011

The feel of being inspired........

I love the feel of being inspired. The exciteablity, the brightness in your eyes, the sound it creates in your voice, the spring in your step, the smile it brings to your face.............. its simply magical!

I have been totally inspired by some truly amazing works of art. Not framed art. But food art. It is like scrapbooking, only you get to do it with food!

At my home, you will often find me watching some cooking show. The ever fun Top Chef? Dude... I love it! I will rapid fire off something I will make and its so funny because my son will say "MOM!! Look how close your idea was to some of theirs!" You will also find a stack of magazines, books ect beside my bed with post it notes and a pen beside it. A little light reading each night HAHAHA

One of the best gifts I got once was on a May Day years and years ago when on my door step was the traditional May Day Basket but beside it was a small stack of old old cookbooks. Wowza... do I love to read those and collect those. 

People sometimes say " Do you ever cook anything bad?" And the answer is "Um yes, I just clear the evidence out quick before anyone sees it!" :) But yes, I do make mistakes when I bake/cook. But I will say, if you are looking to improve your cooking/baking skills just educate yourself. Read, watch...and you will learn things you never thought you would.
I can't tell you how many times, I have watched something and thought "Well that's going to be too hard" or "There is no way I am going to do that" only to find myself doing just what I said I wouldn't.  And I amaze myself at the things I didn't think I would like, know how to do, and in the end accomplish and accomplish with great results. I love stepping back and saying to myself "Wow. I did that"

Don't shy away from an idea. Just try it. What is the worst thing that can happen. Who cares if you burn that cake. Try it again.
Feel that inspiration! Smile that smile! Put a little bounce in your step today... and inspire yourself!

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