Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blogging 101!!

Welcome to my kitchen! I am excited to have you joining me in the kitchen....:)  It is my hope to share with you some awesome recipes along with tips and tricks to use while you bake and create! Its like scrap booking only this time your using pots & pans or a decorating bag..hee hee.

Everything is true and tried. Yes tried! Because I don't claim to be a "professional" in the kitchen. Its just a honest love for creating dishes that brings me a creativeness that I enjoy. I am, like most of you I am sure, that I get tired of being in a rut in the kitchen. My family likes variety and doesn't want to eat the same stuff over and over. Likewise, I am a mom! So spending an entire day in the kitchen on one dish is not my idea of fun! I like things that taste like I've spent hours/days...yet is simple, quick, and affordable ( outlandishly costly items here or those hard to find items) to cook.

I didn't learn to cook Beef Wellington or Rack of Lamb. I could probably muster up one if I tried..but honestly who has that time!? I mean who wants to go to five stores to get every ingredient that they need and come home with a grocery bill that is a shocking $100.00 for one meal. And chances are that if this is the first time you are trying that recipe, it wont come out looking or tasting nearly like what you saw on TV. I know..because I've been there.

My recipes and cooking tips are things that I've LEARNED! By good ol' fashioned trial and error and of course practice, practice, practice! Sharing these recipes with you allows you to cut to the chase and not have to go through all of those tediously annoying steps. If you simply follow the directions, your dishes too will be amazing.

And my email is available in case along the way you have any questions too! I am always happy to help! SO CHEERS!!! Here's to baking and cooking and sharing our love for food!

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